Property Expenses
Purchase price
Estimated value after renovations
Estimated renovation costs
Estimated hold time (months)
Percentage of loan to value
Interest rate percentage on loan
Points on loan
Annual property taxes
Appraisal/application fees
Hazard insurance
Other closing/financing expenses
Attorney fees
Inspection expenses
Estimated monthly utility bills
Selling commission percentage
Purchase Summary
Purchase Price
Attorney fees
Points on loan cost
Property taxes (estimated escrow amount)
Estimated title insurance
Recording fees
Hazard insurance
Appraisal/application fees
Title search
Total purchase price
Loan amount
Estimated cash needed to close
Holding and Renovations
Estimated renovation costs
Property taxes
Utility cost
Financing cost
Total holding cost
Selling Summary
Estimated sale price
Attorney fees
Selling commission
Estimated transfer fee
Recording fees
Net sales price
Total purchase price
Estimated rehab cost
Holding cost
Estimated Net Profit
All calculators are tools for estimation and results are intended for education and information purposes only. Results of this tool are solely based on the input fields provided by user, which may vary in actual circumstances, and thus results could vary from real life outcomes.