Striker Realty works with investors of all types and budgets. We can help you locate and negotiate income producing properties tailored to your goals. We also can help you partner with syndicates to take advantage of investment opportunities with a lesser amount of capital.
We can assist in your evaluations of opportunities that we present you with. Whether it's income projections or speculation of potential capitalization rate, or other market analysis or research, we are there to help you ascertain the necessary information to guide your decision making.
At Striker Realty we cover virtually the entire state of New Jersey, and all types of properties. We frequently market residential, commercial and business properties both on and off MLS systems of all types, including short sales, bank owned REO properties, estate sales, and others. We also can offer professional property management services to help you achieve and maintain your goals, as well as comply with all municipal and state regulations and help you enjoy the benefits of your investment without the day to day work involved.
Striker Realty, a separate incorporated entity from the Striker Investment Fund, was established in 2000 by company President and Broker of Record, Thomas J. Borowski. Striker Realty is a full service real estate company licensed in the state of New Jersey as a real estate brokerage, a real estate school, as well as a construction management firm. Striker Realty is a member of virtually every major MLS system in the state, and sells residential and commercial real estate statewide. Striker also provides other services such as business brokerage and property management. Striker School offers salesperson and all broker pre-licensure real estate classes.

Striker Construction is a construction management firm and network that has experience in resident and commercial real estate, and has designed and built numerous higher end homes and commercial buildings around the state of New Jersey in the past few years. Striker Realty has built an excellent investment reputation and track record over the years, showing lucrative returns on company sponsored projects. Striker’s experience and volume has garnered some valuable marketing partners, including several national banking in stitutions. The Striker Investment Fund has realized large returns over its first few years, and maintains the business formula necessary to continue on the same path.
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