Commercial Division

Whether you are looking to purchase or lease commercial property for business use or for cash flow investment, Striker Realty can help you achieve your goals. We also can assist buyers and sellers of businesses in researching and finding the right match to their opportunity, and skillfully broker the deal to suit their needs.

Thomas J. Borowski, Broker of Record/President of Striker Realty

Mr. Borowski oversees the company’s commercial and business division along with managing the company’s main office. He has been working as a business broker since 1998, and is also an accomplished private investor, and developer. During his career he has successfully worked with investors, buyers and sellers of all price ranges, and has brokered a large variety of commercial transactions including apartment buildings, strip malls, and condo conversions. He also has sold or helped locate, evaluate and acquire a wide array of businesses.

Mr. Borowski has a background in college and professional sports; as an executive and head coach at the collegiate level for multiple universities, and as an athlete. He is also a graduate and former faculty member of NJIT. Mr. Borowski’s office can be reached at

Are you trying to sell your business?

Striker Realty can prepare a marketing plan to get you the best possible offer, while protecting your privacy and without disrupting your current operation.

Are you looking to relocate, expand, or purchase a new business?

We can help you find a business for sale, and analyze their value on the basis of their income, assets and liabilities, and potential compared to similar businesses.

Are you looking to sell or lease commercial space?

Allow us to help you valuate your property in the ever changing marketplace, and to prepare a proposal to show you how we can reach the most prospective buyers/tenants, thus bringing about the most competition and best possible offers.

Are you looking to purchase or rent commercial space?

When working with commercial buyers/tenants, we will provide you with the best opportunity to find the right deal at the right price. From researching all potential properties that suit your needs on the market, as well as taking an out of the box approach to locating new properties that may not yet have hit the open market.

We can also help you analyze available locations and communities in respect to your desired use, and help you determine cost versus potential.

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