Foreclosure Division

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Are you behind on payments, or concerned about foreclosure?

Striker Realty has extensive experience working with homeowners in a position of hardship. We have a high success rate of selling distressed properties and assisting with loss mitigation negotiations with your mortgage lenders. Generally, we may be able to discuss several avenues that we can assist you in pursuing during our initial consultation.

Your options could include:

  • Refinancing existing balance
  • Loan modification
  • Short Sale of your home (with potential release of your mortgage debt)
  • Deed in lieu of foreclosure (with potential release of your mortgage debt)


Are you an investor or in search of a discount home?

We also carry an exclusive listing inventory of heavily discounted properties that will suit the needs of investors or potential home purchasers looking for a bargain.

Whether you are a cash buyer or looking to purchase with financing, our specialized agents can offer you several investment opportunities that will help you achieve your financial goals and take advantage of the positive aspects to today’s buyers market.

Our inventory includes REO properties (bank owned properties), as well as potential short sale properties. Each will have different requirements from buyers,
and we can answer all of your questions if you call us today!